Appropriate model...

Verify the net measure of the room. For example:in the bathroom, take the complete square footage(meters); reduce the square footage of the bath,toilet,vanity,etc.You will get the net measure.Check on the COPAL CHART HEATING CABLE if the square footage is equivalent or less than the calculated net measure.For large areas to be heated, you can use a combination of two cables as long as the surface square footage as shown on the chart does not exceed the net square footage. Wood floor installation requires a wire stapler t-25 which is specially made for attaching wire.

It is recommended that you determine the drying time of the adhesive from the manufacturer's instructions before powering up the cable(s)...

The tension and current strength must agree with the requirement of cable. Always commit the electrical connection to a qualified personnel. The CO cable are approved CSA C22.2 NO 130.2
Plastic strapping
Types of floor coverings.
  • Ceramic
  • Natural Stones
  • Linoléum.
  • Parquetry
  • Engineered wood
  • Floating Floor
  • Laminated floor

P.S. A thin-set self levelling compound must be use over the heating cable prior to installing the thin foam and the laminated floor.

Verification :

The COPAL heating cable is made with the best quality materials and has been strictly inspected and tested before shipping. Install COPAL heating cables with the same caution appropriate for « electrical » and « heating » products.. It is essential that a megger test is performed before and after the placing of the cable, to ensure that the cable in functioning normally. The heating cable MUST NOT be cut or damaged in any way, prior, during or after installation. The cold lead can be cut any length. The identification label must remain in junction box.

Installation Surfaces

Smooth Concrete
Prestressed concrete panels
Sand mix


Comfortable floor.

Reduction of humidity.

Needs no concrete.

Easy to install.

Independant control.

Approved CSA C22.2 No l30.2


Never install outdoors.

Never install under a shower without membrane over the heating cable.

Leave at least 8 inches space in front of all active heating ducts.

Never install furniture that can block the air circulation.


COPAL Canada Ltd warrants the heating cable to the original buyer against any manufacturing and /or labor defect for a 25 years period. Please refer to warranty terms and conditions.