Since 1986

Established in St-Eustache, COPAL is the result of years of research and development in heating aera. We start in 1986 with the snow melting panels. They are made with glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC)with an heating cable inserted inside. Used in area like hospitals emergency entrances,wheel chair access ramps,helipads,building entrances,parkings ramps,loading docks,etc...

No more cold tiles...... In 1992, COPAL introduced his new floor heating cable covered with a metal sheath. All wrapped PVC. Distribute by FLEXCO , the COPAL heating cable is easy to install with stapler or strapping. This heating system do not produce any dust, noise and smell.

GFRC balcony and archjtectural panel GFRC is made of cement, glass fibers, sand and water therefore non-combustible. GFRC is a Portland cement-based composite reinforced with glass fibers that is alkali resistant. Used in Europe since 50 years. GFRC is asbestos free. COPAL is doing architectural panel like décorative colonm, molding,balcony etc. In 1996, COPAL manufactured, with the collaboration of the climbing school 'Passe-Montagne' at Val-David ,architectural panels to cover climbing wall. They was sell here in Canada and export in United-States, Japan and Corée.

Since 1999 ,Copal also manufactured an heating unit for under-desk named 'Heatwave' . HEATWAVE delivers a pleasant warmth where it is most needed... on your legs, knees and feet. Since 2000 Copal is doing GFRC water fountain.

E-mail: info@copal.ca